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Teacher Top 5 is about accelerating the effectiveness of classroom teaching by asking nationally recognized teachers – State and National Teachers of the Year, Heads of Schools/Principals, and professors – to identify and elaborate on “What are the Top 5 strategies you employ to make your teaching successful?” The result was a powerful showcase of best-of-breed teaching practices documented in Teacher Top 5.

Teacher Top 5 is not simply a best practices book. Rather, it also profiles these educators who have decided to give of themselves, not for money or social status, but to serve others and a higher calling. Many of the personal biographies are inspiring:

• A young boy, diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and learning difficulties, eventually grows up to become a Fulbright Scholar and a State Teacher of the Year;
• A Vietnamese refugee, airlifted from the ocean during the Vietnam War, excels in the United States, graduates magna cum laude from college and is recognized as her State’s Teacher of the Year.

The stories go on and on, but each teacher possesses a compelling history, allowing him or her to understand how best to connect with students and teach different types of learners. Most importantly, they reveal how stellar teaching is accomplished and what it looks and feels like in the classroom.

Teacher Top 5 also attempts to expose the numerous inefficiencies within schools. It asks:

• What can teachers improve upon?
• What school policies have worked?
• What are some of the positives and negatives in our educational system?

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5 reviews for Teacher Top 5 Book by T. Nick Ip

  1. Amy Adelson
    5 out of 5


    This book is not just conceived for teachers. Any parent navigating the seas of the American educational system, public or private, will benefit from this insightful study of what makes a teacher an educator. What distinguishes that rare person from the pack, who will change the lives of our children by sharing that special instinct, capacity for empathy, and ability to communicate? Nick Ip has given us an utterly unique distillation of the qualities that we should be looking for in our children’s teachers. For those in the teaching profession, this is also a call to collaborate and share teaching techniques that will make a difference in the lives of our kids.

  2. Tamyra Fuller
    5 out of 5


    Teacher Top 5 is an amazing selection of educators who have found proven ways to maintain positive enthusiasm in the classroom! Each educator seems to have captured the passion of their students by being involved, listening and stepping outside of his/her comfort zone. If you would like to be an educator or work with young children in any capacity this book is a must read!
    I was impressed by thoughtfulness of the writer to showcase such humble people. Great read with thoughtful suggestions.

  3. Hvar 29
    5 out of 5


    This book comprehensively (if not exhaustively) identifies common approaches through profiles of 25 excellent teachers. It is valuable in multiple ways: it does not only describe strategies that work well in educating children, but it gives a voice to teachers’ view on how to improve their schools and educational system. It provides details behind teachers’ stories that are both illuminating and inspiring (I just wish there were more of them!). Even as a parent, I found numerous gems in the book (“whoever we are is that we end up teaching…” or “lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds”). Because of its comprehensiveness, Teacher Top 5 is also valuable because of what the top teachers don’t say (for example, nobody talks about having low expectations as a key to success). In short, great perspectives all around – thank you for sharing them!

  4. CDinLA
    5 out of 5


    The “top 5″ approach is such a great structure for each teacher to explain their individual approach and philosophy for success in the classroom. And not only does your book recognize 25 outstanding teachers, the first question in the interviews allows each of them to recognize their own role models.

    The author highlights in his introduction, and most of the teachers in the book also support, that the strength of the relationship between teacher and student is critical. And as a parent of three young children, I completely agree. I’m not an educator, however, I can only imagine how helpful this book would be for teachers as there are countless take-away gems disclosed in this text.

  5. Mark Esses
    5 out of 5


    Teacher Top 5 is essential reading for both educators and parents. Unlike many educational books, Teacher Top 5 succinctly bottom lines the five most important strategies that nationally recognized teachers use to be effective in their classroom. For anyone considering or entering the teaching profession, this would be a must. That said, all teachers should have a copy of Teacher Top 5 because these teaching strategies come directly from the hearts and minds of incredible educators. These educators were able to touch the hearts and forever shape the lives of their students. What I like about Teacher Top 5 is that Nick Ip is not espousing his singular perspective of what great teaching is. Rather, he showcases the perspective of 25 outstanding teachers who have experienced real success in the classroom. Plus, he synthesizes and summaries his findings in an easily digestible format. How refreshing and smart!
    Nick Ip has a wonderful way of writing. It is simple, direct, and INSPIRING! His book sheds light to who these amazing and passionate educators are. Parents would benefit not only from gaining an appreciation to what lengths excellent teachers go to in order to reach students, but also understand who these talented people are. If your son or daughter’s teacher does not have a copy of Teacher Top 5, I would highly suggest this as a gift. I also think any administrator would appreciate it.

    I also found Teacher Top 5 as a breath of fresh air! With all the negative press about education that you see on television and the papers, Nick Ip has created something that is truly motivational, intellectual, and a huge resource. Five Stars and A+ all around!

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