Teacher Top 5 is about accelerating the effectiveness of classroom teaching by asking nationally recognized teachers – State and National Teachers of the Year, Heads of Schools/Principals, and professors – to identify and elaborate on “What are the Top 5 strategies you employ to make your teaching successful?”  The result was a powerful showcase of best-of-breed teaching practices documented in Teacher Top 5
Teacher Top 5 is not simply a best practices book. Many of the personal biographies are inspiring: 
  • A young boy, diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and learning difficulties, eventually grows up to become a Fulbright Scholar and a State Teacher of the Year...



  • Sarah Brown Wessling
    "Know your students."
  • Jason Fulmer
    "You must reach them, before you can teach them."
  • Philip Bigler
  • Myrra Lee
    "Competence, competence, competence."
  • Burt Saxon
    "Make a lifetime commitment to becoming a better teacher."
  • Jon Rolle
    "Invest in parent interaction."
  • Angela Wilson
    "Build relationships."
  • Alex Kajitani
    "Be real."
  • Yung Romano
    " Be a role model for students."
  • Craig Divis
    "Have a passion for teaching content."
  • Lee Ann Stephens
    "Do whatever it takes."
  • George Goodfellow
    "Know & respect culture of your students."
  • Pamela Harman
    "Promote high expectations."
  • Joseph Masiello
    "Always be 100% prepared when students arrive in the classroom."
  • Jason Hughes
    "Care about your students."
  • Wilma Ortiz
    "Get to know your students & their worlds."
  • Roy Hudson
    "It's our children's education, not ours."
  • Leslie Nicholas
    "Keep it real."
  • Kathleen Brody
    "Take time to build community."
  • John Mick Sharkey
    "Grade only what counts. Perform student self assessment & provide meaningful, timely feedback."

  • "Establish a student advisory board for every class."
  • Robert Fuerer
    "Get to know your students well."
  • Joy Weiss
    "Believe in yourself."
  • Paul Kuhlman
    "Have passion and love what you do."
  • James Smith
    "Never enter a classroom unprepared."


  • Christopher Mullins
    Adjunct Professor (former) at Teachers College Columbia University
  • Patrick McCabe
    Director (former) at New Roads Elementary School
  • Anne Abrams
    Harrison Central School District in Westchester County, NY
  • Mary Jo Ann Crow
    Illinois State Teacher of the Year, 2001


  • Reveta Bowers
    Head of School at the Center of Early Education
  • Jim Munger
    President (former) California Association of Independent Schools
  • Maryann Woods-Murphy
    New Jersey State Teacher of the Year

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  1. Tamyra Fuller

    Teacher Top 5 is an amazing selection of educators who have found proven ways to maintain positive enthusiasm in the classroom! Each educator seems to have captured the passion of their students by being involved, listening and stepping outside of his/her comfort zone. If you would like to be an educator or work with young children in any capacity this book is a must read!
    I was impressed by the thoughtfulness of the writer to showcase such humble people. Great read with thoughtful suggestions.


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